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The Power of Asking Yourself Solid Questions

By Jim Gillespie | April 4, 2012

All day long we walk around talking to ourselves within our own minds. What we focus on in our day-to-day thoughts, including the questions that we we ask ourselves, determines the overall quality of our lives.

My friend Michael Russer, who was named as being one of the 25 most influential people in real estate, recently wrote an article on this subject that I’m going to share with you. Within this past week Michael has launched a new business venture called, "The Outrageous Movement", and you can read more about Michael’s new venture on Facebook by clicking here.

When reading this article, notice the difference between how you feel when you’re asking yourself the first set of questions within the article, vs. asking yourself the second set of questions. You have the power to determine the questions you’re asking yourself throughout the day, and the questions you’re constantly asking yourself will determine the quality of your life.

We end up getting what our thoughts are focused on.

Here’s the article:

What If …

“What if” are two simple words that have the power to stop you cold or open up possibilities you never dreamed of. It’s what comes after the ”What if" that makes all the difference.

Most people it seems use “What if” to identify everything they can think of that could go wrong.  For example:

“What if that deal doesn’t close next week?!”

“What if I don’t make enough money for my kids’ college education?”

“What if I buy that motorcycle and I end up dead, or worse – crippled for life!?”

“What if I never find the love of my life?”

“What if I’m not the number one agent in my company?”

“What if I don’t achieve my goals?”

“What if I don’t live up to my own expectations?”

“What if this is all there is?”

It should be pretty clear that everything in the very short list above has one thing in common –fear of some undesirable outcome in the future. And the worst part is that people who think this way (usually often) are spending their precious present moments literally slamming the door on possibility.

Now how about asking “What if” this way:

“What if I eat to live rather than live to eat?”

“What if I time-blocked my work days so I can prospect every day?”

“What if I took took two vacations a year of at least 2 weeks each?”

“What if I spent more time with my family rather than watching TV?”

“What if I surprised my spouse with flowers and a dinner for no special reason?”

“What if I saw everything that happens (“good” and “bad”) as a blessing?”

Same two words, yet very different outcomes. When you ask “What if” in this way the world seems to be a brighter, more exciting place filled with possibilities rather than dread. And other people (i.e. prospects, clients, family and friends) will find you to be a much more attractive person to be around. They aren’t particularly interested in your dread, they have enough of their own.

So what if you were to start asking your “What if” questions like this from now on –just think of the possibilities…


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