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How to Generate More Business in a Changing Market

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I’m hearing from agents all over the country now about how their markets are transitioning. While some markets still remain hot, many others have buyers who aren’t quite as excited as they were before about buying properties. And in general the investment markets seem to be getting hit harder than the user markets, as companies […]

Differentiating the Real Sellers from the Sellers Who Will Waste Your Time

Monday, October 15th, 2007

So much has changed in so many real estate markets across the country. The residential markets have changed dramatically in many areas over the last 18 months, and some of the commercial markets are beginning to feel the transition now, too. In talking with many commercial brokers all across the country it seems that the […]

An Idea for Hosting Your Next Commercial Real Estate Open House

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Commercial real estate open house events are much fewer and farther between than they are on the residential side of the business. But every once in a while you may have a building that could warrant hosting this kind of event to get brokers to see the building and generate interest from some potential customers. […]