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Here’s the Best Book I’ve Ever Read on Making Solid Sales Presentations

By Jim Gillespie | March 25, 2014

Commercial real estate brokers can oftentimes deliver listing presentations that can feel very stale to the people listening to them. One of the big reasons this happens is because brokers oftentimes believe that what they need to be doing is delivering information, while not giving much thought to delivering a riveting performance.

"What? Delivering a riveting performance???", you may ask. "But we’re brokers, we’re business professionals, and we don’t need to be concerned with things like delivering a riveting performance."

But with this now being said, keep in mind that the sum total of your performance during your listing presentation will either leave your property owners excited about listing with you, or leave them indifferent about listing with you, or it can even have them become convinced that they’ll be hiring one of your competitors instead of you.

It’s not just about you presenting information to your people. It’s about how you present the information, getting them riveted on you, and having them really, really want to do business with you.

How to accomplish this within your own specific presentations is covered brilliantly by Oren Klaff in his book Pitch Anything, which is the best book I’ve ever read on making outstanding sales presentations. In this book the author shows how to move away from making presentations where you’re hoping that the prospect is going to hire you, and moving instead towards making presentations where the prospect is really, really wanting to do business with you.

Once you’ve then made this shift, you’ll be making your presentations much more dynamically, you’ll be bringing more excitement into your presentations in the exact moments when it’s needed, and your owners will feel more thrilled and excited about you than they’ll be feeling towards your competitors.

Oren Klaff really understands how the human mind operates, and his understanding of how to work within our mind’s own default programming is quite stunning. He has successfully utilized this approach many times to raise many millions of dollars from some of Wall Street’s savviest and most stubborn investors, and he tells stories within the book about what happened when he was making his presentations to these people.

Click here to read more information about this incredible book. I gave copies of this book to my regular coaching clients as gifts during the Holiday Season, and the feedback that I’ve received from many of these brokers about the book has been absolutely phenomenal!


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