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The Most Important Ingredient for Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

By Jim Gillespie | March 27, 2012

Something that I’ve often observed throughout my 30-plus years within our industry, is that top producers don’t spend much time complaining about how difficult it is to make money. They don’t spend much time complaining about how tough it is to close transactions, no matter what they’re experiencing right now within their own brokerage business.

Your state of mind within your own brokerage business determines much about your success. When you live in a state of excited passion, convinced that you’re about to uncover another solid opportunity within your brokerage business, you’re much more likely to find it.

Contrast this with having the attitude of the broker who doesn’t really want to come into the office, doesn’t want to make their prospecting calls, and doesn’t feel there’s much opportunity for them in today’s real estate market.

Who do you think is more likely to produce the better results?

The top brokers have more passion for the business. They enjoy the business more than everyone else, and this shows within their attitude every single day. No matter what happens within their own business, they usually just brush any disappointment aside and move on, convinced that they’re about to uncover another opportunity.

Turning now to your own brokerage business, how much time do you spend living in this state of mind? If you find there are times when you’re not living in this state of mind, do what you can to get yourself into it. When you’re living in this place moment-to-moment within your own brokerage business, you’ll find more opportunity, you’ll go after the opportunity with more passion, you’ll let disappointment bounce right off of you, you’ll have fun, you’ll enjoy yourself more, and you’ll make more money.

A friend of mine forwarded me this two-minute video that I believe really illustrates what I’m talking about here. Watch this video of the two-year-old boy dancing in front of his audience. He shows us such passion and fun while he’s dancing in front of everyone, and he even shows us how to take a proper bow right at the end of his performance.

Find this little boy inside of you within your brokerage business.

Click here to see the video.


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Mike Spears, SIOR
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