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Powerfully Closing Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects

By Jim Gillespie | July 9, 2014

Closing in commercial real estate brokerage isn’t something that happens just because of some magical or forceful words that you say to someone. Closing is a direct result of doing many things correctly with your clients and prospects, from the very beginning of building your relationship with them, so that in the end they want to take the action you’re recommending to them.

At the same time, there are some things you can say or do to get your prospects to move forward and take action when they’re sitting on the fence, or when they’re not 100% certain that they’re ready to move forward with you. This is why, when you want to move people forward in these situations, it can be helpful to utilize the "Yes Set" in your sales presentations. The Yes Set is a way to structure your language to maximize the probability that your prospect will say "yes" to the final money question you’ll be asking them. With the Yes Set, you build a series of sequential "yes" answers from your prospect so that when you ask them the final question to get them to move forward, they’re more likely to answer "yes" to that question because of the momentum you’ve already created within them.

As an example of this, let’s say you’ve done a good job of building rapport with your prospect and you’re making a listing presentation to them. At the end of your presentation, as you’re building momentum towards asking them to sign the listing agreement, you could say something similar to the following to them:

"Mr. Stevenson, what we’re trying to accomplish here together is finding the best way to market your property so that you get the maximum price for it…correct?" ("Yes.")

"And you’ve decided that you want to sell your property right now for the maximum price you can get for it…correct?" ("Yes.")

"I’ve just shown you my 15-point marketing program, the program I’ve utilized to successfully sell properties in our area for many years now, and I’ve told you how I’ll utilize this program to successfully sell your property right now also…yes?" ("Yes")

"And we both agree that putting your property on the market right now, and doing everything that will get you the best price imaginable for it, is what you want to do…correct?" ("Yes.")

"So in putting all of this together, we’re now saying that you’re ready for me to move forward and market your property for you right now, uncover every stone imaginable to find you the absolute best buyer for your property, and deliver a price to you that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with…yes?"

When you’re building momentum like this, with your prospect giving you a number of "yes" answers before you finally ask them the money question, you increase the probability that they’ll answer "yes" to the money question also. This assumes, of course, that they like you, that they liked your listing presentation, and that you’re someone they’d consider listing their property with.

There are times in my one-on-one coaching sessions with my clients where I have them give me every single objection they’ve had to deal with in their brokerage business, and I tell them the language to utilize in these situations to then overcome these objections. In addition, we record these telephone conversations so the brokers can listen to them again and again, and learn how to deliver these responses to these objections completely on autopilot.

How you structure and utilize language in commercial real estate brokerage is an extremely important component to your success. The better that you become at doing this, the more money you’re definitely going to make in your brokerage business.


We can transform your commercial brokerage business and get you making more money by doing one-on-one coaching work together. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching to take your commercial brokerage business to the next level, click here and contact me.

"My work with Jim keeps me focused on being productive and doing the activities that will maximize my success."

Terry Adams
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