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Why You Should Leave Voicemail Messages When You’re Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

By Jim Gillespie | April 17, 2012

There seem to be two different schools of thought within our industry around leaving voicemail messages when you’re doing your prospecting. One group says that you should leave voicemail messages, and the other one says that you shouldn’t.

It seems to me that the advantages of leaving voicemail messages definitely outweigh the advantages of not leaving them. The only real advantage I can see for not leaving voicemail messages, is that the person you’re trying to contact might not feel that you’re bothering them, if in fact they feel that you’re bothering them whenever you’re leaving them voicemail messages.

But on the other hand, leaving a voicemail message lets the person know that you actually called them, and it allows you to leave a compelling message with a solid reason for them to call you back. In addition, when you leave someone several voicemail messages over a period of time, before you end up hearing back from them, many people will begin to feel that they really owe you a return phone call…as long as you’re being courteous and professional when you’re leaving your voicemail messages.

This is especially true with entrepreneurial people and business owners, who understand the value of prospecting to develop one’s business. Some of these people may even begin thinking, "If I could just get my own salespeople to prospect like this person, our company would be making a lot more money!"

So leave voicemail messages whenever you’re doing your prospecting. Otherwise your prospects will have no idea that you’ve ever called them, and they’ll have no reason to call you back.


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