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How to Design a Great Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentation Package

By Jim Gillespie | April 12, 2011

If you’re working for one of the large national brokerage companies, you probably already have company software that designs listing presentation packages for you. But if you’re working for a small to mid-sized brokerage firm, and you don’t think you already have a great listing presentation package, what’s a great way for you to design one for yourself?

When you’re designing your own template for a listing presentation package, it’s much easier to do it if you’ve got one or more other listing presentation packages you can utilize as your guideline, to generate some great ideas for you. Attempting to design your listing presentation package template from scratch, without looking at other outstanding presentation packages, is like trying to reinvent the wheel without ever having seen one. It’s not easy, and you can really knock yourself out in the process.

So the question for you then becomes, "How can I see some great listing presentation packages that I can then utilize to generate some great ideas for my own package?"

Here are some ideas for you:

1) When you’ve made a listing presentation where you’ve successfully landed the listing, and you’ve competed against other brokers for the listing, ask the owner to let you have the other listing presentation packages. You’ve already impressed the owner enough to have been awarded the listing, and since they’ve already rejected the other brokers, they’ll probably be OK with giving you the other presentation packages. After all, they’re not going to be having a continued relationship with these brokers since they’ve already turned them down.

2) When you’ve made a listing presentation where you haven’t gotten the listing, and the listing has been awarded to another brokerage firm, you could say something similar to the following to your owner: "Bob, it’s very important to me to continually improve myself as a broker, and as you know I’ve spent some time in researching your property, preparing my listing presentation package, and making my presentation to you. All I ask since I didn’t get the listing, is that you let me review the other listing presentation packages, so that I can improve both my package and my presentation, and land the listing the next time."

3) If you’re friends with a broker who doesn’t compete with you, because they specialize in another kind of commercial real estate, or they work in a different territory than you, ask them to let you see their listing presentation package. (This person could even be right in your own office!) If they don’t compete with you and the two of you are friends, this is probably something they’d be willing to do for you.

4) If you’re a member of an organization like SIOR or CCIM, or you work for a brokerage company that has offices in other cities, this could be a perfect opportunity for you to network with other members of your organization, share information with them, and obtain copies of people’s listing presentations that will help you to build your own. 


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