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The Importance of You Being Resilient in Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business in This Economy

By Jim Gillespie | April 27, 2011

The economy that we’re experiencing right now is definitely testing people. Unless you lived during The Great Depression, you’ve most likely never experienced an economy like this one. So the question then becomes, "What must you do to make sure you’re on track and still doing everything you can in your brokerage business and in your life, despite what’s going on with this current economy?"

With this in mind, this quote may have direct application:

"Circumstances don’t make the man, they reveal him."

James Allen

Haven’t you found this quote by James Allen to be true? Aren’t many of the people we admire the ones who have just stared adversity straight down in the face, risen above the occasion, and despite the difficult odds, they mustered the focus, determination, and action to succeed under the circumstances? This is what creates greatness in many of the people we’ve admired over the years. Think of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and our Founding Fathers right here in the United States. These are people who overcame great adversity to succeed anyway, despite the difficult challenges that were right in front of them.

So maybe your brokerage business isn’t as on fire as it was several years ago. Maybe you’re not making the same amount of money you were back then, but you’ve definitely still got bills coming in that have to be paid. In addition, maybe your home isn’t worth what it was back then, and your equity in your home isn’t quite what it was back then, either. Or maybe the amount of the loan on your home is even more than the value of your home right now, too.

Depending on your situation, and with everything you’re up against right now, you may be wondering exactly how you’re going to make everything happen in your life. As much as we tend to think that it’s only ourselves who are having difficulty, there are a lot of people out there who are hurting right now…including millionaires.

Perhaps this economic downturn hasn’t affected you very much, but if it is affecting you, how are you responding to all that’s going on? What are you doing to rise above it all and make sure you’re producing the best results you can anyway, despite everything that’s happening? Because if you’re not being careful, it’s easy to let what’s going on right now affect your productivity…unless you take steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

As an analogy here, the sport of river rafting can provide a good one for us. When you’re river rafting, to navigate you need to be traveling faster than the speed of the river. If you’re only traveling at the same speed the river is traveling at, the river will take you wherever it’s going to, which may include dumping you onto the rocks. But when you’re paddling and your raft is moving faster than the river is, you can navigate your raft in the direction you want to go.

With this in mind, what’s going on with the economy right now is like the river…it’s moving in one direction with the speed and ferocity it’s moving in. You can let yourself be controlled by the river, and have it take you wherever it’s going to. Or you can decide that no matter what direction the river is moving in, and what speed it’s moving at, you’re going to get out in front of it, paddle so you’re moving faster than the river, and begin navigating to exactly where you want to go.

Whether it’s in your brokerage business, in your home and family life, or in any other arena within your life that you now may be challenged in, you can rise above it. The river may be moving in one direction for you right now, but with your drive and determination you can determine the direction you’re excited about moving towards, put your oars in the water and begin paddling, and navigate downstream towards your ideal destiny.


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