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How to Position Yourself in People’s Minds To Get More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

By Jim Gillespie | April 6, 2011

Many commercial brokers don’t do a good job of positioning themselves in the minds of their clients and prospects, so that they stand out as the one best choice their people can make in a commercial real estate broker. Many commercial brokers just call their prospects maybe 1-4 times a year, but if your competitors are already doing this themselves also, how do you then stand out as the one best broker your people will want to work with?

Mailing and E-mailing to your people throughout the year, with good, solid information they’ll definitely want to know about, and informing them on the important trends you’re observing within the market, is one way. But here’s another approach that could really help you differentiate yourself in the minds of the people you want to do business with, if you decide to move forward and implement it:

Record 15 to 30-minute telephone interviews with business leaders within your community, and E-mail the links to listen to the interviews to everyone you want listening to them. You can choose the people you’ll interview according to who you want to do more business with, and you could interview civic and political leaders within your community also.

Choose subjects your commercial real estate prospects would like to know about, and choose people to interview who will do a great job of delivering the information to them. And in the process you’ll provide your people with insights from top community leaders they’ll want to hear from, and you’ll be positioning yourself as the one broker who has an inside relationship with these people, too. And people love to work with others within their community who they feel are connected with the top-level people!

Now in addition to you sending these interviews out to the people on your E-mail list, the people you’ll interview will probably want their own interview heard by everyone on their own E-mail list, too. So just provide the people you interview with a link to send to their own people so they can listen to the interview, and you’ll be getting great publicity with a wider audience!

So now when you’re calling the people on the telephone who you’d like to do business with, and who you’d like to interview, you could leave a voicemail message for them similar to, "I’m calling because I’d like to schedule an interview with you as a top business leader within our community, and the interview will be listened to by thousands of business owners in the area."

Now that’s a great message to be leaving for people, as compared with one that’s asking them about their current real estate needs!

In addition, if you wanted to you could create audio CD sets from these interviews and give them to the people you want to do business with. Because who else but the top commercial broker in your territory would have audio CD sets to give away, featuring their own interviews with top business, political, and civic leaders within the community?

Positioning yourself in the minds of the people you want to do business with, so that you stand out as the best choice they could ever make in a commercial real estate broker, is where you want to be playing the game. And as I once heard a great direct response marketer say on this subject, "When it’s time to ask your people for their business, you want them to be so sold on working with you in advance, that it feels more like order taking from them and a lot less like you having to sell them." 


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