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How to Brand Yourself in the Minds of Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects

By Jim Gillespie | July 31, 2013

Prospecting is a solid tool that will generate great leads for you whenever you’re doing it consistently. But one of the limitations within prospecting is that you can normally only prospect people 2-4 times a year without getting them angry.

This is why mailing can be a very important component of your overall marketing plan. When you mail to your people on a monthly basis, or even more frequently, you begin to brand yourself in their minds as the one broker they’ll remember over everyone else…especially when you’re combining this with doing your prospecting.

I’ve designed a newsletter that you can mail or Email to your clients and prospects every month, and the newsletter has already been written for you.

Here’s what one veteran of our industry recently said to me about the newsletter:

"This newsletter has become the primary source of my commercial real estate brokerage business."

Thomas B. Clay
Atlanta, Georgia

In addition, two of my coaching clients have been mailing just the first page of this 4-page newsletter, and the business journal serving their community reprinted their mailer, and highlighted it to their readers as a fine example of expert marketing. This is definitely the kind of publicity you want to be getting!

If you believe that now is the time to begin sending a regular newsletter to your clients and prospects, click here to learn more about my newsletter, and to see examples of it.


We can transform your commercial brokerage business and get you making more money by doing one-on-one coaching work together. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching to take your commercial brokerage business to the next level, click here and contact me.

"Jim’s coaching has assisted me in coming up with a brand new game plan to maximize my productivity in a transitioning market."

William Hugron, SIOR
Ashwill Associates

Click here to see more testimonials from my coaching clients.

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