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What Commercial Real Estate Contact Management Software Program Should You Be Utilizing?

By Jim Gillespie | June 12, 2013

At any given moment in time there are always commercial real estate brokers who are looking for a better contact management software program. Keeping this in mind I thought I would mention the three programs within this arena that I think you should consider utilizing within your brokerage business.

I was recently speaking in front of a live audience at a national commercial real estate convention, in front of a room filled to capacity with commercial brokers, and I told the audience that they should consider utilizing the following three contact management software programs. I then asked the entire audience if there was anyone recommending a contact management program other than these three, and not a single hand went up in the room.

So with that being said if you’re looking for a new contact management program that’s specifically designed for commercial brokers, click on the following links for these three programs to learn more about them:

1) REA


3) ClientLook


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Jeffrey Weitz and Matt Schweitzer
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