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The Most Important Component for Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

By Jim Gillespie | May 14, 2013

We can talk about both your strategy and your game plan for commercial real estate brokerage success all day long, but it doesn’t mean very much unless you have a burning, unyielding desire to become hugely successful in our industry. This is the engine that completely drives your success.

You can see this drive within the brokers who have already become hugely successful. These are the brokers who are constantly driven to outdo themselves and what they’ve already accomplished, whereas many other brokers often don’t have this same kind of passion for the business.

When you don’t have great passion for your commercial real estate brokerage business, you’re often fighting and resisting doing the things that will have you become hugely successful, and this will limit your income.

The people who are the biggest successes within their own industries are oftentimes the ones who really love what they’re doing more than anyone else. So if you don’t love your commercial real estate brokerage business right now, what do you have to do to become extremely passionate about it? Determine what this is, do it 100% full-out for the next month, and then notice the big difference in how you’re feeling.


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"After just 4 weeks of working with Jim, my team has developed more new business than we have in the past 6 months."

Mica Berg
Las Vegas, Nevada

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