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The Power of Keeping Your Mind Focused in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

By Jim Gillespie | November 6, 2012

We’ve all heard expressions over the years similar to "What you believe, you will achieve," and "You can achieve anything you want to if you really focus your mind on it."

There’s no better example I know of this than the six-minute video I’m going to share with you.

Dr. Bruce Moseley, a surgeon, designed an experiment to determine how powerful the placebo effect is in surgery. So he separated his patients into three groups, including one group who would receive "fake" surgery, believing that the surgery being performed on them was real.

What were the results from this experiment? The patients receiving the "fake" surgery improved afterwards similar to his patients who were receiving the "real" surgery. This shows us how important it is for our minds to be totally convinced that we’ll accomplish everything we have our hearts set on.

If people who are convinced that they’ll become healthy once again can make this happen just by believing in it, imagine what you’ll accomplish within your brokerage business when you’re constantly convinced that you’ll always achieve everything that you want to. This is the state of mind that top producers constantly live in.

Click here to see the six-minute video.


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