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A Simple Tip That Will Help You Land More Commercial Real Estate Listings

By Jim Gillespie | May 17, 2011

Earlier this year I interviewed SIOR Past President Stan Mullin, and during my interview with Stan he mentioned one simple tip that can help brokers to land more listings. He mentioned scheduling "the meeting before the meeting", meaning scheduling a meeting before your official listing presentation with your property owners, to help build an even better relationship with them. During one of these meetings you can find out what’s important for your owners to make sure is included in your listing presentation, and really show them that you care about them.

In this day and age, it’s so rare to find salespeople who convey a sense of caring towards the customer, and when a customer really feels this from the salesperson, it can really go a long way towards having the customer want to work with them. So as long as you’re in the running to get the listing, scheduling a meeting like this ahead of time with your owner can help to create this feeling within them, and set you apart as the one broker who really cares about making a difference.

When scheduling the meeting with them you could say something like, "It’s important that I understand in great detail everything about your property, and what’s important for you to accomplish in having me market it for you. So what I’d like to do is schedule a meeting with you ahead of my listing presentation to go over this, so that I deliver for you exactly what you’re looking for."

During this meeting it will be helpful if you can tour the property along with the owner at the exact same time, or tour the property along with them for at least a portion of the meeting. Have a list of questions prepared to ask the owner about the property, as well as questions about what’s important for the owner to accomplish in their upcoming transaction. You might also want to ask them a question similar to, "What are the important questions that you want me to answer during my listing presentation? As I want to make sure that I answer all of these these questions for you."

So many brokers deliver the exact same listing presentation to their owners over and over, while changing primarily just the address of the property and its features when making their presentation. With this in mind, you want to make sure that you’re addressing what the prospect wants from you, instead of assuming that it’s already contained within your presentation.

Some questions you could also ask the owner include:

1) How will you determine the broker you’ll be listing your property with?

2) How will the broker you’ll list your property with differentiate himself (or herself) from the competition?

3) Is there anything specific that you want me to make sure to include for you within my listing presentation package?

4) What’s important for you to make sure you accomplish in closing this upcoming real estate transaction?

The fact that you’re meeting with the owner ahead of time, because you feel it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of their needs, can really set you apart from your competitors. So many competitors would never do this, and it can feel great to the prospect when they’re treated with this kind of special attention. In addition, if you’re going to arrange a meeting like this one ahead of time, the closer you schedule the meeting to the actual date of your listing presentation, the better it’s going to be for you. This will have the experience remain fresh within the mind of the owner when you’re finally making your listing presentation, which will compound the effect.

Anytime you show your clients and prospects that you care about them, it will help you to beat your competitors for the business. It’s just so rare for any salesperson to communicate this kind of care to their clients and prospects, but when they do, their clients and prospects will begin lining up to do business with them.


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