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Getting Back on Track Right Now in Your Commercial Brokerage Business

By Jim Gillespie | January 5, 2011

From my many years of experience in coaching commercial real estate agents, I know that this first week of the New Year can be a slow one for brokers transitioning back into their businesses again. So in knowing this, here are some questions that I recommend you ask yourself:

1) Are you mentally and emotionally fully back to work again after the Holidays, and working your brokerage business full out?

2) If you’re not completely back from the Holidays yet both mentally and emotionally, on what day do you anticipate being back fully and working your brokerage business full out?

3) What must you still do, prepare, plan, or organize to position yourself to be massively successful this year? And when will you have this done by?

It’s important to get back on track now as soon as you can in your brokerage business, because I sometimes observe brokers not getting back on track until around the middle of January…and sometimes even later than this. And with this in mind, it’s extremely important to begin the New Year being fully prepared, and having the right game plan in place to attack the New Year and be hugely successful in it.

So answer the questions I’ve written above, get everything in place to have a great year in your brokerage business, and get moving!!!  


If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching in the New Year to take your commercial real estate brokerage business to the next level, I have programs available where we’ll have coaching calls twice a month, three times a month, or every week. And you’ll get access to listen to my monthly teleconferences where I interview top commercial brokers, telling you their secrets about what has them produce such outstanding results in their brokerage businesses every year. And you’ll receive the audio CDs, written transcriptions, and highlights of all of these teleconferences sent to you in the mail, too. So if you’re interested in one-on-one coaching to take your brokerage business to the next level, click here and contact me.

"Jim has me much more focused on doing the things that make me more money and he holds me accountable to make sure that I do them."

Greg Barsamian
Coldwell Banker Commercial

Click here to see more testimonials from my coaching clients.  

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