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Make Sure to Take Some Time Off From Working in Your Commercial Real Estate Business Over the Holidays!

By Jim Gillespie | December 20, 2010

The Holiday season is fully upon us right now, and this is the time of year when most everything within our industry slows down. And in keeping this in mind, this is probably a good time to make sure you schedule some time off and get some rest and relaxation for yourself. Which means to make sure you’re taking some days off where you’re not doing any work at all in your brokerage business. Because if you don’t do this, and you go through the Holidays still working 2-5 hours a day or more in your business, when January gets here you’ll risk not being recharged and re-energized to work your business full-out again in the New Year.

It’s easy sometimes for people, instead of taking time off from work to relax and re-energize themselves, to just continue on working in their businesses but work less hours or work less productively, and you don’t want to become one of those people. Because you could end up working for weeks or months at a time feeling burned out in your brokerage business, and not feeling relaxed and being productive. This is because working less hours, or working less productively, isn’t the same thing as taking a vacation away from work. And if you’re thinking you could use some time off from your business but you don’t take it right now during the Holiday Season, when are you going to take it? Because once the New Year gets here you may feel guilty about taking some time off for awhile, and feel that you should be working full-out in your brokerage business.

So if you were just planning on working through the Holidays but working less hours, schedule some specific days or consecutive days off from doing any work whatsoever. Block these days out in your calendar, and relax and enjoy yourself on these days. Because if you do this and you do it right, you’re more likely to feel fired-up and will hit the pavement running when the New Year finally gets here.

And if you’re not planning on traveling during the Holidays, you may want to schedule one or more days where you can drive within 1-2 hours from your home to someplace where you’ll enjoy yourself…because you’ve earned it!

So in moving through the Holidays, make sure you pace yourself appropriately. One of your most important goals should be to do what will have you return to work right after the first of the year, fired-up and on track in your business, and oftentimes this will happen right after taking time off and relaxing. I know for me the perfect vacation oftentimes is when I’ve been away from work and enjoying myself, but as the vacation is ending I’m looking forward to getting back to work and being productive again.

So have a Merry Christmas and a great Holiday Season, and make sure you’re doing what will have you be fired-up to work your brokerage business again full-out in January! 


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