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Sending Mail That Gets Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects to Call You

By Jim Gillespie | October 5, 2010

There are, generally speaking, two goals that you want to ideally accomplish when mailing to your commercial real estate clients and prospects. And these same principles apply when you’re sending E-mail to them, too.

1) You want to brand yourself in their minds with your mailers so they’re already interested in working with you when they have a commercial real estate requirement.

2) You want to get them to pick up the phone and call you directly from one of your mailers whenever they have a commercial real estate requirement.

And in terms of accomplishing the latter of these two goals, here’s one approach that I recommend to help you make this happen:

Approximately once every quarter, mail a postcard to your clients and prospects saying something similar to, "Hot off the press! I’ve just put together a comps report showing what all the buildings in your area have sold and leased for over the past six months. Quantities are limited, so if you want me to send you your free copy of this report in the mail before I run out of them, call me NOW at 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX."

What will happen is some of your prospects will call you just because they want the report to keep themselves informed on what’s going on in the area, and others will call you because they’re thinking of buying, selling, or leasing soon. And calling you to get your comps report in their hands will help them to understand the current values in the market better, and help them to make better decisions.

So either way you definitely want to hear from both of these kinds of people. And for the people who aren’t looking to do anything right now but they want you to send them your report, this gets you talking with them, building a better relationship with them, and finding out when they may be looking to buy, sell, or lease in the future. And for the people who are calling you because they’re looking to buy, sell, or lease very soon, you definitely want them calling you so you can find out more about their requirements.

This is one reason why you wouldn’t just send everyone the comps report in the mail instead of sending them the postcard. Because if one of your prospects is looking to do something very soon, they could receive your comps report in the mail, read it and educate themselves on what property values are in the area, and then put the report down and not call you. And then they’ll talk to the first broker who calls them on the telephone while doing their normal prospecting…telling that broker all about their upcoming requirement.

The first time one of my coaching clients followed my direction and sent out a postcard similar to the one I’m recommending to you, someone called him, requested the report, and then listed $14,500,000.00 in property with him as a direct result of him taking this action.

But of course, when sending out your very first postcard in this situation, your mileage may vary.


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