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Why the Stock Market is Looking Extremely Dangerous

By Jim Gillespie | September 21, 2010

The financial collapse that began in September of 2008 was a big surprise, but it didn’t come without any warning. I even published an article in June of 2008 citing the Royal Bank of Scotland predicting that a major collapse in the financial markets would happen within the next three months, and we definitely remember what happened in September of that year.

Then came the bailouts, followed by the rise in stock values once again, mainly because a ton of the bailout money was being invested back into the stock market. So when a rise in stock values is being caused by this funny money being invested back into the market, and not by any rise in the productivity or the profits of the companies themselves, or by an increase in more of people’s hard-earned money actually being invested into the stock market, can you see that we have a potential problem here? Because if we think that creating hundreds of billions of dollars that never existed before out of thin air, and then having that money invested into the stock market, solves all of the underlying problems that caused the market to crash in the very first place, we’re greatly deluding ourselves.

Since I see nothing that leads me to conclude that the stock market is now on solid footing, based on legitimate, sound fundamentals, I feel strongly that another collapse is coming. It’s just a matter of the exact timing of when it’s going to happen, which leads me to the following videos that I thought I should pass along to you…

These videos feature someone we all know to be an extremely positive person, Tony Robbins, discussing what he’s learned from the Wall Street experts he’s been associating with. He also discusses how his having access to these people enabled him to advise his top clients to prepare for and position themselves in advance of the financial collapse that happened back in 2008, and how he also advised them back in March of 2009, that the market had now reached its new bottom.

All in all, that would have been some very good information for his clients to have known about.

In Part 2 of these two videos, beginning at about 3 minutes and 45 seconds into it when he’s discussing the future of the stock market, and what he’s been learning from his Wall Street experts about the stock market, he says, "Sometime in the late Fall or early 2011, we’re likely to see a major retracement…major…on a major scale."

These two videos featuring him talking on this subject total 24 minutes:

Part 1

Part 2

So I wanted to pass this information along to you in case you or someone close to you are invested in the stock market. Because the underlying fundamentals of the market don’t look very strong at all right now, and it seems that a big correction will definitely be coming. And again, it seems to mainly just be a matter of the overall timing of this correction.

I also want to pass along a link to see a 55-minute movie online that I found to be very interesting. The movie is called "The Crash of 1929", and it gives an inside look at exactly what was going on back then, who the players were, how they tried to stop the market from collapsing, and the warning signs about the coming collapse that were ignored by the investors. Click here to see the 55-minute movie, then choose the "Watch Online" option when you land on the movie’s Web site. In addition, the movie can also be viewed on Netflix.


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