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How to Deliver Great Commercial Real Estate Listing Presentations

By Jim Gillespie | September 9, 2010

A simple approach I’ve recommended for brokers to improve their listing presentations, is to videotape their own listing presentation with someone else role playing along with them as the decision maker. This can be very powerful when seeing the replay of the videotape, as you’ll recognize ways that you can improve your listing presentations and close your clients and prospects more effectively.

But here are some additional recommendations in this arena that will help you deliver even more effective listing presentations:

1) Do everything you can to go on a listing presentation with someone who’s a top listing agent in your office. This will help you to see how they’re doing it, and it will open your eyes to new approaches you can incorporate into your own listing presentations…which will make you even more effective.

2) Role play along with a top listing agent, having them deliver their own listing presentation to you, with you being the decision maker receiving their presentation. And videotape the presentation also. This will allow you to feel the impact of their presentation as if you were the decision maker yourself, and it will also give you the videotape to watch and compare with the video of your own listing presentation.

Even if you’re already a top listing agent, being able to see what other top listing agents in your office are doing can help you to improve your own listing presentations.

And if you’re a manager, having videos like these available in your office for your agents to learn from, can help you to provide even better training for your agents.

With this in mind, when do agents really ever get the opportunity to see what other top agents are doing with their own listing presentations, so that they can learn from them? And yet learning what top salespeople are already doing, and then modeling their behavior, is an extremely important component in achieving success in sales.

So videotape your own listing presentation, and find an opportunity to see how another top listing agent is delivering their own listing presentation. What you’ll learn from this will greatly assist you in taking your success at landing even more listings to an entirely new level.


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