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How to Get E-mail Addresses from Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects

By Jim Gillespie | August 24, 2010

When you’re making your prospecting calls to your clients and prospects, this is one of the best times to obtain their E-mail addresses also. But the way in which you ask for their E-mail address will determine how successful you’ll be at getting it.

This may best be illustrated by mentioning the shift in how I’ve observed hotels asking me for my own E-mail address when I’m making reservations with them. It used to be that years ago when I had just completed confirming my reservation with them on the telephone, at the very end of the conversation they’d ask me, "Do you have an E-mail address you’d like to share with us?"

"No!" I’d say back to them, having these visions of all of the E-mails I might begin receiving from them, as well as all of the E-mails I’d begin receiving from all of the companies they’d be sharing my E-mail address with, too.

But in recent years hotels have made a shift in the scripting they’re using when asking me for my E-mail address, which has me now want to actually give them my E-mail address instead.

At the end of my telephone conversation with them, they’re now asking me something very similar to, "Would you like to receive a confirmation of your hotel reservation by E-mail?" And that’s definitely something that I want to receive from them! I want to have something I can print and have in my hands, so that when I check into the hotel, if they can’t find my reservation, I have the reservation right there on paper for them.

So similarly, when you ask for the E-mail addresses of your clients and prospects, you want to be scripting your question so they feel that they want to give their E-mail address to you. Say something similar to, "I publish an E-newsletter keeping owners like you informed on important trends affecting the value of your property. Is this something you’d like to receive from me?"

This is much more powerful than asking something like, "What’s your E-mail address?"…or… "Can I have your E-mail address?", which could have them wondering exactly what you’re going to be doing with their E-mail address once you get it.

When you have the right scripting for many different situations in sales, your life becomes so much easier as a salesperson. So when you begin asking for people’s E-mail addresses in the way that has them become more interested in giving them to you, you’ll start building a more powerful, accurate E-mail database for your brokerage business.


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