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An Update on Our Current Real Estate Market Condition

By Jim Gillespie | February 2, 2010

I have two resources that I’m passing along to you. The first is an interview with a commercial real estate investor and developer that describes what we’re up against because of the new rules the lenders are being allowed to play by these days. If it wasn’t for all of the government intervention and bailouts for our lenders, commercial brokers would be swimming in a much greater abundance of sale transactions right now.

This interview reveals how the new rules our lenders are being allowed to play by are stifling our commercial real estate market. And the real heart of this information within the interview begins when you see the question, "So what about commercial real estate?"

Click here to read the interview.

The second resource I’m passing along to you is Robert Campbell’s most recent Real Estate Timing Newsletter. Robert is a friend of mine and in August of 2005 he advised his newsletter readers to sell their homes if they wanted to realize the highest prices for them before the market correction began to set in. His research and the underlying fundamentals he utilizes in making his housing market predictions are outstanding, and I recommend that you consider buying his book and/or subscribing to his newsletter by visiting his Web site at www.RealEstateTiming.com.

Click here to read Robert’s most recent Real Estate Timing Newsletter. This 10-page newsletter describes many major housing markets throughout the United States, with special emphasis on the Southern California markets.


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