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Achieving Your Commercial Real Estate Goals in 2010

By Jim Gillespie | January 25, 2010

Hopefully you’ve already set your income goals for your brokerage business in 2010. But have you also defined specifically what activities you need to be doing every week and every month in order to achieve these goals? Because writing down your income goals without designing the game plan you must work to achieve these goals, leaves you basically in a position of hope. And hope is very weak when compared with designing and working a game plan you feel confident will have you meet your income goals for 2010.

And while designing your game plan in itself is a great idea, and I highly recommend that you do this, the most important part of you achieving your income goals for the year is you staying on track and working the game plan that you’ve designed for yourself. Because in my more than 31 years of working in our industry, something I’ve definitely learned to be true is:

"When brokers don’t meet their income goals for the year, it’s usually because they got off track from working the game plan they designed for themselves. It’s not because the game plan they designed wouldn’t have worked."

Now granted, we’re in some very challenging times within our industry. But we’re also at a time when brokers should have a better idea of what they can expect now over the next year, because of the adjustments they’ve already experienced within our industry over the past 2-3 years.

So with this being said, I have some questions to ask you:

How are you really doing so far in your brokerage business in 2010? Have you already designed a game plan to achieve your success for the year? And if so, are you currently on track and working that game plan?

Along these lines, something I really recommend you do is continually look at the game plan of activities you’ve designed to achieve your income goals for the year. And when you continually look at these activities throughout the week, you’re much more likely to stay on track in getting them done. A lot of brokers make their big mistake by going long periods of time without even looking at these activities, feeling constantly busy, and deluding themselves into thinking they’re really on track and doing what will maximize their income for the year.

Don’t be one of those brokers!

Design your game plan, work the activities in your game plan, and look at these activities on a sheet of paper throughout the week for 15-30 seconds at a time. This will greatly assist you in making sure you’re on track instead of being off track from doing what will have you meet your income goals for the year.


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