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Getting Your Commercial Prospect Database in Great Condition

By Jim Gillespie | July 16, 2007

Most commercial real estate agents do a mediocre job of having a thorough, accurate database put together for themselves. Oftentimes their database is a combination of what they can find from the public records, combined with whatever they’ve entered into their contact management system from the business cards they’ve collected over the years.

It’s not that this is the way the agents wants their databases to be, it’s just that this is the way it’s all come together over the years. And while the agents ideally would like to have detailed, pristine databases in place to work from in their brokerage businesses, they normally just can’t find the time and get organized enough to make it happen.

The good news is that there are a lot of agents in your territory whose databases are in this exact kind of condition. This means that these databases have a lot of holes in them, which means there are a lot of prospects not being contacted by these agents regularly because they don’t have the names and contact information for all of these decision makers. For example, if an agent has a lot of owners in their database listed only as entities like “Premier Partners, LLC,” this means there are a lot of owners that they have no relationship with, and no way of contacting directly. The agent could send a letter addressed to “Premier Partners, LLC,” but any letter sent addressed like this has a high probability of never being opened and read by the decision maker.

So if you want to start making more money in your real estate business, one of the greatest ways that you can begin to move in this direction is to have the names of all the decision makers you want to be working with, the property or properties they own or occupy, the square footage and the features of these properties, the mailing addresses for these decision makers, and their telephone numbers all in your database.

With so many competitors not having this detailed information for the prospects you want to be doing business with, this will give you a huge competitive advantage over them. But with everything else you constantly need to get done in your business right now, when are you going to find the time to get your database in this kind of solid condition?

In my next Inner Circle teleseminar call this Wednesday night, I’ll be interviewing the CEO of a company who will do all of this for you. His company is currently doing this for commercial real estate agents all over the country, and they have the resources in place to locate the decision makers behind all the corporations, LLCs, and partnerships that appear on property ownership records, and assemble all of this information into a solid database for you. Included in the database will be the phone numbers of the decision makers you want to do business with so you can pick up the phone and call them directly.

During the call I’ll also interview someone with the best service I’ve seen for positioning yourself in the minds of your clients and prospects and compel them to want to work with you, and I’ll tell you the top three contact management software programs that have been designed specifically for you as a commercial real estate agent. For more information on how you can join me and learn all this great business building information for FREE…click here.

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