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Closing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospects on Doing Business with You

By Jim Gillespie | July 5, 2007

Closing is a term we often hear about in our industry. If you’ve been in our business for 10 years or more you’ve probably been at a lunch or in a meeting sometime when an agent is talking about how they just lost a prospect to a competitor, and then someone speaks up in the meeting and says something like, “You know why you lost that prospect? Because you didn’t close them! You’re not a closer!”

And the person making the statement is often a veteran in our industry talking in a gruff, angry, authoritative tone of voice. And that person sometimes acts as if closing is something that can be done at anytime by any Master Closer by physically positioning themselves properly, saying the magic words in the right tone of voice, and then watching as all objections are immediately removed from the prospect’s mind as they just move forward and sign the paperwork.

But closing is really much more than this, and closing itself is one of the most overhyped myths ever created in the business world. True closing happens when you’ve done everything right from the very first time you met the prospect up through the time you get them to give you the business. And if there’s anything you’ve done along the way to appear incongruent, if there’s anything you’ve done to appear like you really don’t know what you’re talking about, and if there’s anything you’ve done to give the impression that the most important part of your relationship with the prospect is you getting paid a commission, you’ve now thrown a major impediment into the entire closing process.

Closing is the natural result of your prospects feeling that you understand their needs, that you’re knowledgeable, that they can trust you, that you have their best interests at heart, and that you’re the best choice they could ever make in a commercial real estate agent. When these factors are present in your relationships, people will allow you to guide them all the way through the closing of the transaction. These are the important underlying ingredients of what real closing truly represents.

You can’t just eliminate any mistakes you’ve made in building your relationships with people by strongly coming over the top and trying to powerfully close them at the end. You wouldn’t give people like these any business yourself, so it’s reasonable to assume that others would do the same as you would when they’re treated in this manner also.

Focus on becoming the salesperson you’d like to have asking for your business. And when you become this salesperson you’ll find more people just saying “yes” to working with you as a commercial real estate agent, very similar to how you’d just be saying “yes” to the salespeople who would treat you in this manner also.

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