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How One Idea Made $425,000.00 for a Commercial Real Estate Broker

By Jim Gillespie | January 21, 2014

When you decide to move forward and begin working with a commercial real estate coach, make sure it’s someone who has good intuition. Good intuition can lead to lots of money for you, and it differentiates the great coaches from all of the other "just average" ones. Keeping this in mind, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from commercial brokers who’ve come to me for coaching, after they’ve worked with another coach is, "I could tell that my coach was just reading from a list of questions."

You don’t ever want to be working with someone like that, as I’ve never, ever prepared a pre-set list of questions to ask my coaching clients, and I never will. The great results I’ve produced with my coaching clients comes from more than 35 years of experience within our industry, and from having a solid sense of intuition.

With this in mind, here’s how good intuition led to one broker getting paid $425,000.00 on just one transaction…

Neil Dailey, who works for McGraw Commercial Properties in Tulsa, Oklahoma, came to me with a lead he had uncovered for a $30 million transaction. He was excited, but he also knew that he would be up against some pretty stiff competition from all of the other brokers in his territory, in trying to represent this company exclusively. Neil is a very successful commercial real estate broker, but he knew that he didn’t have a resume showing a lot of transactions in this size range to present to this company. So Neil then asked me to help him in rewriting his resume, so that he could present the transactions he had closed with more "sizzle".

Then while we were working together on the resume, this flash of intuition then came to me. "Neil", I said, "Do you know of a broker in your market who’s closed a good number of these kinds of transactions, who you could partner-up with and go after this opportunity with together?" Neil thought for a moment and then realized that he knew just the perfect person for this, a broker who was both a good guy that he’d already closed transactions with, and someone he also knew that he could trust.

Neil then approached the broker, generically described the opportunity to him, and the broker then confirmed with Neil that he wasn’t working on any leads that matched this one. So Neil and the broker then teamed up, pursued the opportunity together, and just this past December Neil then received a commission check for $425,000.00, representing his company’s end of the transaction.

This all came together from good intuition, and from Neil being open-minded and willing to try something that he’d never done before.

These opportunities for closing big transactions are always right in front of you. You just need to recognize them, or be working along with someone who can show them to you.


We can transform your commercial brokerage business and get you making more money by doing one-on-one coaching work together. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching to take your commercial brokerage business to the next level, click here and contact me.

"In my years of working with Jim, I’ve found his coaching to be outstanding towards helping me to maximize my income as a broker. Just one "out-of-the-box" idea he gave me landed me a $425,000.00 commission!"

Neil Dailey
McGraw Commercial Properties
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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