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Here’s a Solid Example of a Good Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company Web Site

By Jim Gillespie | October 9, 2013

Sometimes I’m asked by people to show them an example of a good commercial real estate brokerage company Web site. Normally whenever I’m asked this question, it’s by people who are either principals or brokers within a small-to-midsize commercial real estate brokerage company, and in keeping this in mind, there’s one commercial real estate brokerage company’s Web site that I want to show to you.

That company is Investment Realty Company of San Antonio, Texas, and here is the link to their Web site.

Click on the links that you’ll see on their Web site, and take a look at what they’ve written on those Web pages about their company, the San Antonio area, and the brokers who work for their company. Everything is presented in a very professional manner, including the entire look, feel, text, graphics, and the colors that are utilized within the site.

In addition, take a look at their Blog, and make sure that you take a look at some examples of the Raub Report, which is published by Stephen A. Raub, the President of the company. The Raub Report is linked to directly from the Blog itself, and you can click here to read the August edition of it.

Both of these publications, The Raub Blog and the Raub Report, do a tremendous job of keeping commercial real estate principals informed about the trends that are going on within the San Antonio market. This is how you can become a consultant or an advisor within your prospects’ minds, making them already interested in working with you long before they ever have their next real estate requirement.

So many brokers are just doing their prospecting without building up any kind of image within the minds of the people they want to do business with…between their prospecting calls to them. When you’ve fallen into this category, you’ve given your prospects no compelling reason to work with you over all of your competitors once the prospect recognizes that they now have a commercial real estate requirement. So you’re left with "selling yourself" to the prospect at the last minute, instead of the prospect already believing that you’re already their leading candidate.

In addition, Stephen Raub mails out the Raub Report to his clients and prospects on a monthly basis, and I’m on his mailing list. It’s this ongoing mailing that’s had me continually thinking about his firm, knowing that if I have a lead for a commercial real estate transaction in San Antonio, that he’s the guy I’m calling, and it’s also what had me take an even closer look at his Web site and write this article.

So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to design your own commercial real estate brokerage company Web site, this Web site is one that you can definitely learn from!


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