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Here’s a Prime Example of a Young Man Stepping-Up and Staking His Claim

By Jim Gillespie | April 3, 2013

What are you waiting to take action on right now in your brokerage business? Is there someone you’ve been thinking about calling but you still haven’t called them yet? Is there an opportunity you know you should be checking-in on that you just haven’t followed-up on yet? Are there clients who you’ve closed transactions with throughout your career that you’ve really become out of touch with?

This video clip I’m about to show you is a prime example of someone who had his heart in his throat, but he went ahead and just asked for what he wanted anyway. And in doing so, I believe he completely transformed his life.

Take a look at what Vanderbilt University freshman Michael Pollack accomplished here. He was sitting in an audience with other people watching Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Billy Joel perform for them, and Michael stood up and had the guts to ask Billy if he could come on stage and perform with him. Billy then paused and thought about it for a few moments, and then Billy invited Michael to come up on stage with him.

What then happens is pure magic. You can feel the electricity within the audience, as Michael shows everyone what a great pianist he really is, especially as he gets closer to the end of the song.

I’m sure this was really a transformative moment Michael’s life, as soon afterwards he got invited onto the Today show, and onto other TV shows also, to both play the piano and talk about his moment.

So my question for you is…who do you need to call right now? What should you be doing in your brokerage brokerage that you’ve been putting off…that could really transform your business if you just did it?

Click here to see the video. 


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