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How to Brand Yourself in the Minds of Your Commercial Real Estate Prospects

By Jim Gillespie | September 18, 2012

What is it that will have your clients and prospects already thinking about working with you whenever they have a commercial real estate need? Scott, a broker who’s been a coaching client of mine and who works for one of the largest, most recognizable commercial real estate brokerage companies in the world, did something very amazing. Scott pulled out all the stops, and what he did had him sell more than $1 billion in property in his first 9 years in the business.

When Scott was brand new in the business he came to me as his coach and said, "Once I’ve been in commercial real estate brokerage for 2-3 years, I want people to feel like I’ve actually been in our industry for 10 years."

What Scott was referring to was creating a presence through his marketing that made people feel like he’d been in our industry for a long period of time, and we began working together on the game plan that would accomplish this.

Scott began mailing to his people constantly, but he exploded his marketing program way above and beyond this. In addition to both his phone prospecting and his mailing, he was faxing and E-mailing his people, too, so that on an annual basis he was contacting them more than 100 times.

Now compare this with many other brokers who are at best contacting their clients and prospects 2-4 times a year. Who do you think is going to brand themselves within the minds of their clients and prospects better?

And it all began with Scott’s determination to do it.

When your clients and prospects are hearing from you constantly in an appropriate manner, and you’re providing them with solid information they’ll definitely want to know about, you’re going to land a lot more business.

So what is your marketing plan for developing new business right now? And how often do you want to be contacting your clients and prospects every year through your different marketing approaches? If you’d like to learn more from Scott directly, I’m going to be interviewing him this Wednesday, September 19th, on everything he’s now doing to produce outstanding results in his brokerage business. I’ll even send you the audio CDs and the MP3 recording of the interview, too.

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We can transform your commercial brokerage business and get you making more money by doing one-on-one coaching work together. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching to take your commercial brokerage business to the next level, click here and contact me.

"After 20 years in real estate I needed to revive my business and look at new options and ideas. Together Jim and I evaluated my entire business plan, designed new strategies, and implemented a game plan that’s now making more money for both me and my team."

Bill Ukropina
Coldwell Banker Commercial

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