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A True Heartwarming Story Of Amazing Human Achievement

By Jim Gillespie | November 3, 2011

Every once in awhile I come across a heartwarming story that I feel I have to pass along to you, and this is definitely one of those stories.

When I was in high school I played on the high school basketball team, and I was the captain of the team. But I’d trade all of our accomplishments together as one of the top-ranked teams in California, for playing alongside of a boy who accomplished what I’m about to show you in this video.

Jason McElwain is a special-ed student in Rochester, New York. He’s autistic, and he was the manager of his high school’s basketball team. During the team’s final game of the season the coach decided to have Jason suit-up and wear one of the team’s uniforms. The coach wanted Jason to feel more like he was fully a part of the team before the season ended, but with just four minutes to go in the game, the coach decided to go one step further, and he put Jason in the game.

Jason immediately began struggling, but then something quite miraculous happened, that can inspire us all…

Click here to see the video.


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