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Why You Want to Be the Final Commercial Real Estate Broker Making the Listing Presentation

By Jim Gillespie | October 6, 2011

When you’re going after a listing, you definitely want to make sure that you’re making a solid listing presentation. In addition, since the quality of your relationship with the decision maker is very important, and it plays a big role in you successfully landing the listing, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve built a solid relationship with your decision maker ahead of time.

But what about the exact timing of when you’re making your listing presentation when compared with the other brokers you’re competing against? Is there something that’s important for you to accomplish around this also?

The answer is "Yes", and the answer also depends on how entrepreneurial your decision maker is. If your decision maker calls all of the shots, doesn’t have to answer to anyone when making their real estate decisions, and they can sign a listing agreement with any broker they want to, you’ll want to be the final broker making a listing presentation to them whenever you can arrange for this situation.

As an owner gets closer to listing their property, there’s oftentimes a momentum that’s building inside of them, wanting to move forward and just get the property on the market so they can get it sold or leased. In addition, sometimes the brokers being interviewed for the listing don’t do a very good job of differentiating themselves, and they don’t present a compelling case as to why they should be hired over their competitors. In these situations, an owner can feel that hiring one broker won’t be any different than hiring any of the other ones, and this is where being the last broker to make your listing presentation can definitely have its impact.

Listing presentations that were made to the owner at an earlier time can begin fading from their memory, and the owner won’t be signing a listing agreement with anyone until all of the brokers have finished making their presentations. Keeping this in mind, it’s only the one broker making the final presentation who can possibly walk out of the presentation with a signed listing agreement in hand.

If you’ve done a good job during your listing presentation, and the owner thinks that you’re at least at the same level as all of the other brokers who have made their presentations, the momentum and desire to get started that’s building within the owner can have them just want to sign a listing with someone and get moving. With you being the broker in front of them right now, representing an opportunity to immediately accomplish this, this could now segue into becoming a much bigger opportunity for you. But if you’re one of the brokers who had made their presentation earlier, there would be no way that you could be capitalizing on this.

Now on the other hand with the more corporate real estate decision makers, you could be subjected to a lot more politics. The final decision may be made by a committee days or weeks after the final listing presentation has been made; the listing broker may have already been chosen through internal company politics before any of the brokers have ever made their listing presentations; or the decision maker may list the property with the brokerage company that their boss has already recommended to them. In the latter situation, if the property is still on the market one year later, the decision maker will feel much better in knowing that their boss was the one who recommended the brokerage company, whenever they’re having discussions about the property with each other.

When you’re the broker making the final listing presentation to an entrepreneurial property owner, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up getting the listing. But it helps you maximize the probability that you’ll get the listing whenever you’ve already made your presentation, and you’re still in the running for it. 


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