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How to Generate Solid New Ideas to Earn and Get Paid More Commercial Real Estate Commissions

By Jim Gillespie | July 20, 2011

There’s an easy exercise I’ve recommended to commercial brokers over the years to help them to generate more income for themselves, and since I’ve been mentioning this exercise a number of times in recent weeks in my one-on-one coaching calls, I’m going to mention this exercise to you right now, too.

So many brokers are looking for new ways to generate more income for themselves, and unfortunately it’s been very easy for brokers to get into a rut in both their habits and in their brokerage activities these days. It can feel frustrating for brokers because of how the real estate market and the economy have changed, and brokers can sometimes feel like they’re in a state of overwhelm…feeling burned out and wondering what the heck they can do right now to make more money.

So here’s the exercise:

Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. An outdoor location for this exercise would be ideal…like a park, someplace with a view, or at the beach.

Bring a pen and a stack of blank index cards along with you, and leave your mobile device somewhere else.

For about 30 minutes to an hour, constantly write down ideas on the index cards that are ones that you can implement into your brokerage business to make more money. Write down just one idea on each card, and keep going until you feel you’ve emptied every idea that’s in your mind on this subject.

Not having any access to your mobile device is extremely important during this exercise, as accessing your mobile device will divert your attention away from focusing on the big picture, and it will take your mind away from doing some creative thinking. The same kind of distractions will also come into play when trying to do this exercise on a computer, too.

When you’re finished with this exercise, after about 30 to 60 minutes or so, you’ll now have a stack of index cards, each card having one individual idea on it, and these collectively will represent some potential ideas for you to implement right now into your brokerage business. Put a rubber band around the index cards, or put them into an index card holder, or into a recipe box. Then sometime later on come back to these cards, begin going through them, and select the top 3-5 ideas for you to now focus on and begin implementing into your brokerage business.

You’ve probably had a solid number of ideas go through your head throughout your brokerage career, that you’ve thought would be good ideas for you to implement into your brokerage business. But then soon afterwards the phone rang or you had an appointment, or something else came up that took your mind off of the idea that you’d come up with. These ideas are still inside of your head, and you need to take the time to bring them to the surface once again and write them down. Once you’ve written these ideas down onto the index cards, including any new ideas you may have come up with while doing the exercise, you now have these ideas all in one place where you can access them very easily at any time.

So if you’re thinking that you need some new ideas or a new game plan in order to generate more brokerage business for yourself, do this simple exercise and notice the excitement you’ll begin feeling around the new possibilities for you within your own brokerage business!


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