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Here’s the Best Marketer I’ve Ever Known in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

By Jim Gillespie | July 6, 2011

Bill Gladstone, CCIM. SIOR, serving the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania market while working for NAI CIR, is the best marketer I’ve ever known in commercial real estate brokerage. I could write word after word of information about Bill’s marketing techniques and approaches, but this is definitely a time when giving you examples of Bill’s marketing will speak much louder than my own words. So imagine the presence you’d constantly create within the minds of your clients and prospects, if you implemented some of Bill’s techniques into your own brokerage business.

Here’s a link to a summary of the publications that Bill’s currently sending to his commercial real estate clients and prospects:


Here’s a link to an archive of previous publications that Bill’s already sent out to his clients and prospects:


Bill utilizes his own bobblehead doll as part of his marketing efforts, and here’s a link to the "Bill Gladstone Bobblehead Doll" photo gallery:


This is a link to all of the items that Bill hands out to his clients and prospects as part of his ongoing marketing campaign, and he includes an explanation as to why he utilizes each item:


Here’s a video Bill’s recorded that he utilizes to introduce people to his brokerage team:


Here’s a video Bill’s recorded for his clients and prospects, where he features an expert talking about the impact of Federal Reserve policy on bank lending:


Here’s an example of Bill’s quarterly video report that he makes available to his clients and prospects:


And finally, as you can see in this video, Bill and his team like to have fun together, and here’s a link to the music video that they’ve recorded:



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"We own a commercial brokerage company, a real estate development company, and a property management company. With Jims help weve now substantially reduced our overhead, and have implemented a marketing approach thats bringing us more quality transactions than we ever would have imagined."

Jeffrey Weitz and Matt Schweitzer
North Rim Partners

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