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Two Powerful Items to Include in Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Packages

By Jim Gillespie | March 24, 2010

One of the most important goals of commercial real estate brokers in this economy should be effectively differentiating themselves from their competition. With this in mind here are two items you can include in your presentation packages that will help you accomplish this.

1) Include Testimonial Letters

Including testimonials from your clients in your presentation packages makes a very powerful statement to all the people you want to do business with. Because when they’re interacting with salespeople, most people are cautious about believing everything that they’re told. This is just human nature from our own past experiences in dealing with salespeople. But when you’ve got 10-40 testimonial letters included within your presentation packages, now your people are reading what others have had to say about their own experience of working with you. And the more testimonial letters that you include in your presentation packages, the more this communicates to your prospects why they should be working with you instead of your competition.

2) Include Articles That You’ve Written

And if you’ve never written articles before, that’s OK. You can begin writing them right now. And if you’re not currently publishing, mailing, or E-mailing your articles to the people you want to do business with, you can begin writing them specifically for the purpose of including them in your presentation packages. But I recommend that you mail and E-mail them to your people also!

When people read articles with you speaking to them as the expert, and you’re advising them on the important things they’ll want to know about commercial real estate, you’ll begin seeming more like the broker they should be doing business with. Your competitors are most likely not writing any articles, and when people write articles they’re perceived as being the expert within their industry–because experts within an industry are the ones writing the articles. And let’s face it…in commercial real estate, when people are making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives, they want to be working with the person who they feel is the expert.

So by including many testimonial letters and articles you’ve written within your presentation packages, you create the feeling within others that you’re someone they should be working with. And creating this feeling within others will definitely lead to you getting more brokerage business.


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