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Why Having a Great State of Mind Makes All the Difference

By Jim Gillespie | March 3, 2010

My daughter Jamie is in first grade, and fortunately she’s been doing good with her studies. But in her class they’ve been doing more math lately, and she’s been having a more difficult time with it.

Her teacher has been giving the class 25 addition and subtraction problems, and they have to complete all of the problems correctly within two minutes. And Jamie has been having a really tough time getting all of the problems completed within the two minutes.

So what I’ve been seeing for the first time as a father is my daughter struggling to learn something and get it right, and all the pain and frustration that this has been causing her. So I decided I needed to snap into action and do something about it…

If you’ve been reading my articles for some time now you know that I’ve had a lot of training in fields like Hypnotherapy, Psychology, and Neurolinguistic Programming…and that doctors have sent me Olympic gold medalists and world class athletes, including a Hall of Famer, to improve both their mindset and their performance within their own sport. So a thought then came to me that said, "Jim, with all of the work you’ve been doing with people, it’s time to utilize all you’ve learned to help Jamie to do better in math."

So I began the process with a little girl who didn’t even want to try to do math anymore, and I began telling her, "Jamie, keep saying to yourself ‘Math is easy’". And after she repeated this for 30 seconds to a minute to herself, I gave her another math exam, and she came closer to completing it within the two minutes of time. So I had her do this same process a few more times and then I’d give her new exams, and each time she’d improve and complete more problems within the two-minute period.

So then I decided to try even another process…

"Jamie", I said to her, "This time I want you to close your eyes and imagine that the two minutes are now over, and that you’ve completed the exam, and that you’re now thrilled and excited about having completed the exam successfully. Do this for 30 seconds to a minute, and then I’ll give you another exam."

Then what happened this next time completely blew me away. Jamie successfully completed the exam in just one minute and thirty-five seconds! And she previously wasn’t even able to complete the exam within two minutes!

And then what followed this was also amazing to me. She now had a completely different attitude towards doing math, and she began challenging me, wanting me to give her even more math exams.

So I witnessed an amazing turnaround by just applying what I already knew how to do, into my own daughter’s life! And this wasn’t even some of the really advanced stuff that I’m trained to do with people, either!

So what we can all learn from this is how important both one’s attitude and level of confidence are for moving us towards getting the results we want in our lives. And even though we’re in difficult economic times right now, you’ll produce much better results if you live in a constant state of confidence and believing you’re just about to uncover some great new opportunities in your business. And along with this, you’ll want to let go of any attachment you may have to thinking that you really should be working in the same hot market you were working in several years ago. Because having that attitude can completely suck the life out of you!

You can’t control the state of the market that you’re in, but when you master your own state of mind, and live in the state of constantly believing you’re about to uncover some great new opportunities for yourself, you’ll maximize your own level of productivity in any kind of real estate market.


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