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What We Can All Learn from My Daughter Jamie

By Jim Gillespie | October 20, 2009

My daughter Jamie recently began first grade. And she recently took a children’s karate class also and decided that she didn’t want to return for the second karate class.

Beginning first grade often means meeting new friends, and Jamie now has a new friend named Eva who she hangs out with during both recess and lunch. But during recess and lunch there are boys who have been coming over and teasing both Jamie and Eva, and Jamie finally decided she had had enough.

"I know karate," Jamie said the other day to these boys. And she looked at them with a serious look on her face, jumped into a karate stance with her arms extended out in front of her, and screamed out at the top of her lungs when she hit the ground, "Ha!" Then she spun around in a 360 degree-turn, and did a high leg kick right in front of their faces.

The boys then immediately ran away, leaving Jamie and Eva to play completely undisturbed with each other.

And when my wife, Ledys, came to pickup Jamie from school that day, Jamie looked at her mother and said, "Mommy, I want to keep going to the karate classes."

Now what many of us can learn from this is, "If what you’re doing isn’t working, you need to try something different." And with this in mind some of the questions you may want to be asking yourself as a broker these days are:

1) Who’s motivated to buy, sell, or lease right now?

2) How can I find these people?

3) What do I need to do to have these people work with me as their commercial  broker?

And along these lines it’s important to have investors lined up with cash who can act quickly when the right opportunity comes, as more and more owners and lenders will be selling for unbelievable prices the deeper we get into this recession. As an example of this, click here for an article about a building that just sold for $31,000,000.00, just 37% of what it sold for a little over two years ago, because the owners were motivated, the buyer had cash, recognized the opportunity, and took immediate action.

More of these kinds of opportunities will definitely be coming your way as a commercial real estate broker, so get prepared!

(HINT–And as you’re getting prepared, make sure to read what the purchaser of the building said about how much more real estate they’re going to buy!)


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