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How to Spend Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Dollars More Effectively

By Jim Gillespie | June 24, 2009

Sometimes commercial brokers will ask me, “Would I be better off advertising me (or my company) in the newspaper, or should I send direct mail to my clients and prospects instead?” And this is a question that many commercial brokers and companies are continually asking themselves these days.

But when you advertise you or your company in the newspaper, how many of your clients and prospects do you think will be looking at that ad on that exact page in the newspaper on the exact day you’re advertising? Probably a very small number of them.

But if you instead mailed postcards, articles, a newsletter, or other information to your clients and prospects, and addressed the mail to the actual names of the individual decision makers, you’re almost guaranteed to at least get your marketing pieces into their offices, and hopefully into their own mailboxes, onto their desks, and in front of their eyes. With this in mind, the visibility of your marketing, your branding, and the impact of all of this on your clients and prospects will be much stronger when you mail to them instead of taking out an ad promoting you or your company in a newspaper or a magazine.

While the ad in the newspaper or magazine may look great to you, it won’t be seen by anywhere near the same number of your clients and prospects as anything you’ll be sending them in the mail.


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