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Is It Time to Record Your Own Commercial Broker Music Video?

By Jim Gillespie | March 10, 2009

“OK,” you may be saying to yourself…”Has Jim completely lost it now?” And that would be a very appropriate question to be asking yourself…under normal circumstances within our industry.

But when the best marketer I’ve ever known in commercial real estate brokerage releases a music video featuring all of his team singing and dancing together, I have to begin thinking that he may be onto something.

Bill Gladstone, CCIM, SIOR, is the best marketer I’ve ever known in commercial real estate brokerage. Both he and his team gross over $55 million a year in transaction volume in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania market, and much of that is due to their outstanding marketing program. They spend over $100,000.00 a year on marketing, which includes mailing to their clients and prospects 8-9 times every month. In addition, the team gives out bobblehead dolls that look just like Bill, and after receiving mine more than 15 months ago, it’s still right there on my desk directly in front of me! It’s simply not the kind of gift that you’ll throw away easily, and when you’re a broker constantly out there trying to market yourself, that can be very good for you.

Well I think this is clearly one of those situations where both a picture…and a video…can be worth a thousand words to you.

Click here to see Bill Gladstone’s bobblehead doll photo gallery.

And click here to see Bill and his team performing the music video which they’ve titled, “Commercial Agent Man”.

And finally, click here to see how Bill utilizes today’s technology to introduce people to his team and let his clients and prospects know how they’ll be interacting with them.

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