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How to Stand Out as the Best Commercial Real Estate Broker in Your Market

By Jim Gillespie | October 29, 2008

If you’re not familiar with the term known as “Positioning”, it describes how well you constantly stand out as the best choice your clients and prospects can make in a commercial real estate agent. In any industry, Positioning refers to how well a person or a company stands out, such that ideally the decision to work with them has already been made by the client or prospect without any selling being necessary.

In commercial real estate brokerage, the competition can be fierce between the agents and the companies. And there’s one service I know of that can both easily and greatly differentiate you from everyone else. And that service involves you becoming a guest on the television show known as “Leading Experts”.

Imagine giving a DVD to every prospect you’d like to work with featuring a television interview of you as the leading expert in commercial real estate. Or if you’d like to be even more specific, you could give your people a DVD featuring an interview of you as the leading commercial real estate expert in your own geographical area.

The power of television has become so huge in our society. I recently heard one business expert say that “We’ve gotten to the point in our society where it’s now more important to be the celebrity in your field than it is to be the most competent in your field. Because when you’re the celebrity in your field, people will assume that you’re also the most competent.”

There’s really not much more for me to say here except to give you an experience of what I’m talking about. Dr. Jeff Hockings, the CEO of the company that produces the television program, is a friend of mine. And from the moment he showed me what he’s doing with these television programs, I recognized what a huge opportunity this was for commercial real estate brokers. Jeff’s company videotapes, edits, and produces these programs for a fee for business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere. And if you’re interested in more information and their current pricing schedule, please contact their company directly. But just one additional commission earned as a result of this program will typically pay for their services many times over.

Click on the link below, and when you arrive at the Home Page of “Palm Springs Studios”, click on the tab that says “Sample TV Shows”. Then watch some of the videos of the TV shows available to watch there and ask yourself, “How much more business would I be closing if all of my prospects saw me interviewed as the top commercial real estate expert on this program?

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