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So You Think Your Real Estate Market is Tough Right Now…

By Jim Gillespie | July 15, 2008

In Robert Campbell’s most recent Real Estate Timing Letter (which is available at www.RealEstateTiming.com), he mentions that there are more than 23,500 homes currently for sale on the Multiple Listing Service in Detroit, and that more than 1,400 of these homes have asking prices of less than $100.00. Yes, you read that right…less than $100.00. So unless you’re an agent who’s working in Detroit, you probably are in a market that’s doing better than that one right now.

But with your market most likely having transitioned over the past two years, and your principals most likely not being as excited about doing transactions as they were before, what’s the most important tip I can give you to maximize both your income and your success right now?

Master your state of mind, and live in a constant state of certainty expecting that you’re just about to uncover some great opportunities and put together transactions that you’ll be absolutely thrilled with. Because when you live in this state of mind you maximize the probability that this will happen to you.

You’ve probably worked around some agents who are mostly negative and who are constantly talking about how bad the market is, and how unlucky they are. And these people never become top producers, either. Because when you’re convinced that there are no opportunities out there for you, your mind tunes most opportunities out and misses them, and other brokers will find those opportunities instead of you.

Have you ever been with a top commercial agent who constantly complains about the lack of opportunities they’re seeing in the marketplace? I certainly haven’t, because top commercial brokers are constantly convinced that they’re just about to find more great opportunities for themselves.

With this in mind we often get what we expect in life, and what we expect is determined by what we’re focused on thinking about. So when you’re convinced that you’re about to uncover some great opportunities for yourself in your brokerage business, you’ll not only feel much better, you’ll be emulating the thinking of the brokers who are already the top producers in our industry. And when you’re thinking just like a top producer, you’ll maximize the probability that you’ll perform like one.

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