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Planning to Make 2008 a Great Year for You

By Jim Gillespie | December 10, 2007

When most of us get into commercial real estate brokerage, one of the big reasons we get into the business is because of the opportunity to make great money. And the reason we want to make great money oftentimes is because of the lifestyle we feel it will have us lead. But how often are we constantly living that lifestyle along the way?

I could talk to you right now about how to plan your year for brokerage excellence in 2008, but instead I’m going to talk with you about living the lifestyle you want to live for yourself in 2008. And besides, I’m going to have a teleseminar in January on “Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Excellence in 2008” anyway..:)

When planning for next year, what I recommend you do is make sure you create the lifestyle you want for yourself, and then plan your business around that lifestyle. I know this may sound different to you, but it’s a good way to ensure that you enjoy yourself thoroughly throughout the year.

When planning the year, plan your vacations first. Determine where you want to go and when, make the reservations, and get them all taken care of. Otherwise if you don’t do this in advance, next year may feel like a grind to you.

See if this sounds familiar:

You begin the year with the idea of creating some vacation time along the way, then you get caught up in working hard, then you find it more difficult to schedule your vacation time as the year moves along.

I once heard someone say that “Most of us go into business for ourselves because we can’t stand working for our boss, and then we end up working for a boss who’s crazy. The new boss makes us work much longer hours than we’ve ever worked before, and doesn’t allow us to take many vacations.”

With this in mind I have an aunt in Scotland who’s now 78 years old. She’s my father’s sister, my father being a man who was a Battle of Britain pilot who flew 101 combat missions in World War II. My father passed away in 1994, and my aunt hadn’t seen him since he moved to the United States in 1947…and she was just 18 years old at the time.

I’ve decided that 2008 is the year she’s going to meet my father’s granddaughter, and in looking at this photo of both me and my daughter Jamie (click here), I’m pretty sure she’s going to like her.


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