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An Idea for Hosting Your Next Commercial Real Estate Open House

By Jim Gillespie | October 1, 2007

Commercial real estate open house events are much fewer and farther between than they are on the residential side of the business. But every once in a while you may have a building that could warrant hosting this kind of event to get brokers to see the building and generate interest from some potential customers. But what the heck do you do to get people’s attention and get them to attend an event like this…especially if your owner feels the event should be paid for out of your own pocket because of how kind he was in giving you the listing?

Well here’s an idea…you could contact one of the more upscale car dealerships in your area…a Mercedes Benz, Lexus, or Cadillac dealership, or whichever dealership you feel best represents the kind of cars the people you want attending the open house would like to drive. Then have the dealership bring the latest models of all their cars to the building and offer free test drives to everyone attending the open house.

You’ll get people attending the open house, the car dealership will get people test driving their cars who are the kind of people who may want to lease or buy one, and their sales people will now have new prospects for them to follow-up with. In addition, you’ll create a certain buzz around the event with people talking about both the cars and the owner’s property at the same time.

And of course one of the greatest benefits of all to you is…you’ve created a successful open house event for everyone for FREE!

And now if you could just find the right people to take the building you’d have the down payment for the new car, too!


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